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When is the best time to schedule my newborn photo shoot?

The most fleeting stage of your baby's life is the first few weeks. Newborns are best photographed when they are 12 days old or younger. This is when that perfect newness is most easily captured and is the best time to achieve those beautiful super sleepy & curly poses. To ensure we can reserve a session date for your baby, it's recommended that you book while you are still pregnant. Obviously, timings are flexible but by booking in early, you are guaranteed your newborn session at the ideal time.

Do you have a studio or can you come to me?

Newborn sessions can be done at my semi-converted garage studio at Cornubia (Brisbane's Southside) or I can travel to your home. Often when you have just had a baby and are recovering, the last thing you'd like to do is leave the comfort of your house for a photoshoot. If this sounds like you, I'm happy to travel (within 50klms from Brisbane) to you to get some beautiful shots of your baby. Please be aware that if I travel to you, I am physically unable to bring all props with me that I would otherwise have access to if I was shooting in studio. If you are specifically wanting prop shots (boxes, baskets, backdrops, bowls) it might be best if you visited me at the studio for your session.

What do I need to bring?

Bring (or have handy) the normal items you'd take with you on an outing with your baby - baby wipes, nappies, bottles, blankets, swaddles. There may be a special heirloom item (like a blanket that Grandma made) that you'd like me to photograph with baby...by all means bring it along and I would be happy to incorporate it into the shoot. The only other thing I'll ask you to do is loosen baby's nappy about 1/2 prior to the shoot.

Please don't be concerned if your baby goes to the toilet on my props and blankets. It's very normal and I can almost guarantee it will happen at least once during our session! All blankets and wraps are thoroughly laundered after each session so please put your mind at ease :-)

How long does a typical newborn session take?

Newborn sessions can take up to 4 hours with much of this time spent feeding, cuddling, settling and posing. I always go with the flow of your baby so we work on 'their time'. I will never push the baby to achieve a pose that I feel they are uncomfortable in or not happy to settle into.

What do I wear & what should my baby be wearing?

I photograph babies in their most pure and natural state - naked. Most photos will be of your baby either naked or swaddled. To ensure your baby is warm and cozy I use a heating pad on my posing beanbag and also a small fan heater directed towards your baby. This not only helps to keep bub warm, but also drowsy enough for me to pose them without waking. If you'd like some parent shots with your baby, then I recommend parents wear neutral or earthy tones - beige, white, browns.


Please schedule your maternity session when you are between 33 and 38 weeks pregnant so that we can truly capture the beauty of your bump. As far as clothing choices, neutral tones (whites, beige...even black) work really well when going for your maternity shoot. Some singlet tops or maternity jeans can look great along with any fitted clothing that shows off your gorgeous bump. I have wraps and pieces of cloth that we can use also, so please don't be too concerned about buying something specially for the shoot.


I will meet you at a location we've discussed or at your home. If it's an on-location shoot, I will spend a few minutes looking for the best light - mid-late afternoon sessions will create the best lighting outside and result in the best images. I will give you general guidance with posing but prefer to just let you be yourselves and follow you in the fun, capturing those special moments. If the session is in your home, I will walk around looking for the best light and also the most appropriate background setting.

What To Wear

Photography is less about the clothes and more about the people. It's always good to think through your clothing choices beforehand, though. Often simplicity is best, but it can be equally fun and interesting to do something a bit on the wild side. Families and groups require extra attention with regard to clothing. Consider coordinating, not necessarily matching, clothing for groups.

Upon payment of the session fee, I will send or email you a session booklet which covers everything so you won't be in the dark about anything!

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